One of East Coast’s most requested dance bands

AMARETTO is one the East Coast’s most requested dance band, bringing the excitement of an authentic club band to the intimacy of a private event. Fresh and contemporary, but also solidly classic.  We asked our most loyal clients why they hire us again and again.

Here’s what we heard:

1. Not your typical wedding band – the musicians are all top drawer, many have advanced degrees in music from the best schools, and they are consummate professionals.

2. The band is surprisingly affordable – the value for this quality band is simply astonishing

.3. Great communication. Responsive, engaged. The band leader really listens and really “gets it.”

Working with AMARETTO is a pleasure. Hiring AMARETTO equals zero stress, every time.

AMARETTO is one of the East Coast's premier wedding, party and corporate event combos. A leader in the field of top quality band entertainment since 1987, AMARETTO has performed at hundreds of prestigious events, from New York and Chicago to Nashville and Washington DC. Dozens of rave reviews confirm that AMARETTO guarantees the excitement and energy of impeccable live performance, presenting the best music for all tastes... from Standards, Soul and Rock 'n Roll, to Big Band, Disco, Cool Jazz and the latest Hot Hits. Led by former Georgetown University Band Director David Fletcher, with members based in New York and Washington DC., AMARETTO players have shared stages with countless music stars including The Pointer Sisters, Ke$ha, Wynonna Judd, The Four Tops, The Spinners, The Bee Gees, The Hollies, Gerry Mulligan and Charles Mingus. With a vast repertoire, three dynamic lead vocalists, full horn and rhythm sections, DJ and sound lighting production, AMARETTO is available 5 to 10 piece, now booking throughout the USA.


1. How does the Amaretto band make sure that our event happens the way we envision it?

From the moment you have confirmed the band for your date, you will be communicating directly with the band leaders – the folks that will be on the ground working at your event. There is none of the miscommunication that can sometimes occur when communicating through a middleman or intermediary. The band leader will confirm the schedule, all musical and other requests that you make, the timing and content of announcements at your reception. We make sure everything happens properly and on time.

We’re known for our responsiveness - we return all phone calls and emails as soon as possible, but always within 24 hours.

It is our job to provide “soup to nuts” music for your event and to make the entire process easy and stress-free for you. We take care of everything –start to finish. We can also provide live music for your ceremony and reception hour.

You deserve to enjoy this process every step of the way - we will insure this will be fun and stress free for you.

2. Is live music going to overpower our reception and make it hard for our guests to carry on a dinner conversation?

Amaretto is never too loud. You will easily be able to converse at dinner. The music will be more lively and a little louder during the dance part of your event, but guests who are not in the immediate dance floor area will be able to carry on a conversation comfortably without shouting or straining their voices.

3. Does the band take breaks? How do we avoid long spells of silence that you sometimes encounter at receptions?

We provide continuous music. One of the band members serves as a DJ during a few, very short breaks. There will never be a time when there isn’t someone on the stage, playing music and ready to make announcements.

4. Why is your band less pricey than other comparable bands?

Our prices are extremely competitive because we don’t charge more for weddings. We are professional musicians, love what we do, and do it a lot. So we don’t have to “upcharge” and do not seek to take advantage of our wedding clients, even those who may have a larger budget. Our focus is on quality and reputation – we want every client to feel that the cost of live music was well spent and not a dollar was wasted.

5. What is the band like? Do you have a “mission statement”?

Our mission is simple - to exceed your wildest expectations. We bring an unrivaled professionalism, flawless talent, and exciting energy and authenticity to each and every one of our clients’ important events. We love what we do, and we hope we can be part of your event.

Reviews (from Wedding Wire, The Knot, and client correspondence)

"The band's performance exceeded our expectations. They were easy to work with, friendly and perfectly matched the music to the wedding guests. They nailed the first dance as well as the father and daughter dance. Then their song choices and timing filled the dance floor from their first song to the last one at end of the night.Great voices, great music, and perfect song choices helped to create the perfect wedding celebration. I would strongly recommend Amaretto to anyone looking for a great dance band for their wedding."
— 1/3/15

"Everything went extremely well from our perspective, you all sounded great, and I'm going to be sure keep you in mind for any brides (specifically) who might ask for referrals. Thank you for everyone's help."
— 12/13/14 (from venue manager, Anderson House, DC)

"The group was truly sensational. A very talented and professional group of accomplished performers who, by the end of the evening, were part of the family and the experience. Family and friends who hadn't seen a dance floor in decades were young again and the younger set was just as thrilled.

"The number of compliments on Amaretto started during the party and hasn't stopped since. We have three daughters so unless they want me to sing at their weddings, which is highly unlikely, I suspect we'll see the group again."
— 11/29/14

"Amaretto was AMAZING! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the band. One of the highlights of the wedding. I will definitely recommend to all of my friends and family."
— 10/25/14

"We love Amaretto!! This band was used back in 2006 at my sister's wedding so it was only natural we re-enlist them for my own big day given how incredibly talented they are. We always loved the female lead singer, but the band had a new male lead—Brandon—whose voice and emcee spirit were wonderful. All our guests were singing the band praises all night. They hyped up the energy ensuring everyone was on the dance floor - even folks who you'd typically not find out there. People were so into the music, they were requesting songs left and right (though the band couldn't necessarily play them - but just goes to show how much people were enjoying themselves).

The band also learned the song for our father/daughter dance and performed it flawlessly.

[The band's management] was responsive and flexible throughout the planning process. You are in good hands with the Amaretto gang. Would highly recommend."
— 9/6/14

"Just attended a family wedding in St. Louis with many of the same people who were at my daughter's wedding in DC this past August. I wanted to pass along the comments and compliments of these family members who could not stop talking about 'our' band and how wonderful they were. One couple said they were the best band they had ever heard. Even our LA relatives loved Amaretto and considering the availability of entertainers in LA, that's quite a compliment. The wedding this weekend had all the elements for a good party, the venue was great, the food delicious and the crowd was young and willing to dance. But they did not have the level of participation we had at my daughter's wedding. I didn't realize at the time, how special it was. Just wanted to let you and the band know, even two months after the fact, people are still talking about them!"
— 8/9/14

"Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job Amaretto did at Andrea's wedding.The major comment we heard from all our friends and family was how great the band was and how did we find them! The band can make or break a party and our music kept the party jumping. The supreme compliment was how many people were still there at the end and how many asked the band to keep playing! Kudos to all the band members."
— 8/9/14

"We had high expectations of Amaretto based on what we had heard in their online demo and what we had seen during a site visit at a corporate event at which they performed this winter in downtown DC. On Saturday night, they exceeded our highest expectations and then some. Their sound was spectacular across the broad range of musical genres they performed throughout the evening. Their energy, excitement, and enthusiasm was infectious. Proof of their skill, talent, and passion was evident at night's end with a fully-filled dance floor of with sweat-soaked, smiling, and laughing guests screaming, whistling, and and chanting in unison for an encore. I can't count the number of compliments and superlatives used to describe the the band from friends and family. Please thank them for helping make our wedding day a special occasion that we will forever cherish in our memories."
— 7/12/14

"Amaretto is probably one of, if not the best, wedding band I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and believe me, I've been attending weddings for many, many years. Amaretto played at my daughter's wedding on June 8, 2014. From start to finish, from the hiring process to the end of a wonderful celebration, Amaretto was amazing. [T]he band leader was easy to work with, flexible, and accommodating. He initiated, and maintained, communication with my daughter throughout the planning phases of the wedding, played the music the couple wanted, and even communicated with and supported me in my efforts to choreograph and carry out a flashmob at the wedding (which was a huge success!). The band is incredibly talented and played such great music that the dance floor was full every time the band played their sets.

"An interesting anecdote will communicate how good this band is. I was doing some legwork to help my daughter find a band for the wedding. I narrowed down my search to 3 or 4 bands, and my daughter and her then-fiance went to see the bands. They were very interested in Amaretto — it was their top priority — but right before I agreed to hire them, a friend of mine, who had been in the band-hiring business in previous years, said that he'd been to a wedding in Washington, DC, and heard a band that was incredible. I waited to hear the name of that band, thinking that perhaps there was one better than Amaretto. When I heard from him that the band he had heard was, in fact, Amaretto, I immediately contacted [them] and hired the band!

"Do yourself a favor and hire this band. Don't necessarily go through the various agents who offer Amaretto's services… go onto their website and contact [them] directly. [They're] a pleasure to work with and you will absolutely be thrilled with this band."
— 6/8/14

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how pleased we were with Amaretto. They were top-notch. We received a ton of compliments on how great the band sounded, and these compliments were correct — the band was awesome. Basically, there was dancing for 3 hours straight. It was amazing.

"Additionally, all the band members were 100% professional, friendly, and really great. I didn't have to worry about the music at all, and it made for a great experience. I really appreciate that level of service; made my day much easier. […]

"Thanks again — you have a top-notch band. They really killed it."
— 6/7/14