Top of the Rock Band

NEW! Top of the Rock Band

Price Range  $2500 –   $4000

The product of an intense collaboration of two  of New York City’s most accomplished vocalists joined by three outstanding instrumentalists on keyboard, drums and guitar. Top of the Rock is quite simply the top when it comes to rock – and so much more.  Delivering continuous high energy and dance,  this New York based party band, Top of the Rock offers a wide ranging appeal from the latest in hip hop and R n’ B, to now classic 80’s and 90’s hits to Motown and swing.  We also offer an “unplugged” set featuring acoustic guitar, string bass and percussion.

For more info contact the band leader,  David Fletcher  917.566.3779

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Behind the Scenes  with Top of the Rock

1.  How does your band make sure that our event happens the way we envision it?

From the moment you confirm the band for your date, you will be communicating directly with the band leaders – the folks that will be on the ground working at your event.  There is none of the miscommunication that can sometimes occur when communicating through a middleman or intermediary. The band leader of Top of the Rock will confirm the schedule, discuss all of your musical requests, and work with you to finesse the details – such as the timing and content of announcements. We make sure everything happens properly and on time.

We’re known for our responsiveness – we return all phone calls and emails as soon as possible, always within 24 hours.

It is our job to provide “soup to nuts” music for your event and to make the entire process easy and stress-free for you.  We take care of everything – start to finish.  We can also provide live music for your ceremony and reception hour. There are many possibilities. An elegant classical guitar. A jazz trio. Playful acoustic covers. Anything to suit the mood and style of your evening to help make it truly memorable. 

You deserve to enjoy this process every step of the way – we will insure this will be fun and stress free for you.

2.  Is live music going to overpower our reception and make it hard for our guests to carry on a dinner conversation?

The Top of the Rock band is sensitive to your guests. You will easily be able to converse at dinner. The music will be louder and livelier during the dance part of your event, but guests who are not in the immediate dance floor area will be able to carry on a conversation comfortably without shouting or straining their voices. 

3.  Does the band take breaks? How do we avoid long spells of silence that you sometimes encounter at receptions?

We provide continuous music. One of the band members serves as a DJ during a few, very short breaks. There will never be a time when there isn’t someone on the stage, playing music and ready to make announcements.

4.  Why is your band less pricey than other comparable bands?

The cost for Top of the Rock band  is  extremely competitive because we don’t charge more for weddings.  We are professional musicians, love what we do, and do it a lot. So we don’t have to “upcharge” and do not seek to take advantage of our wedding clients, even those who may have a larger budget. Our focus is on quality and reputation – we want every client to feel that the cost of live music was well spent and not a dollar was wasted.   

5. What is the band like? Do you have a “mission statement”?

Our mission is simple  – to exceed your wildest expectations. We bring an unrivaled professionalism, flawless talent, and exciting energy and authenticity to each and every one of our clients’ important events. 

speak with the band leader direct

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David Fletcher   917.566.3779