The Queen’s Cartoonists

The Queen’s Cartoonists

The Queen’s Cartoonists put on a show full of music from classic and modern cartoons.Represented are genres such as early Disney (“The Skeleton Dance”), classic Warner Brothers (“The Rabbit of Seville”, “What’s Opera, Doc?”), cult classics (“Bambi Meets Godzilla”), and more modern cartoons like The Simpsons.
The music runs the gamut from lightning fast swing arrangements to sync’d video projections to comedy numbers. Tying this diverse and challenging repertoire together are stories and anecdotes involving the cartoons and their composers.

The six cats of the band are on a musical mission of equal parts music preservation, education, and performance.

The show is fast-paced, filled with wild swing music, virtuosic performances, and hilarious anecdotes relating the stories of the cartoons to the audience. Be prepared to hear numbers by Raymond Scott, John Kirby, Karl Stalling, Danny Elfman, John Williams, Alf Clausen, and countless classical favorites! Thrown in are anecdotes & jokes relating the stories of the cartoons to the audience. The Queen’s Cartoonists also offer an educational outreach program for schools, senior centers, and other non-traditional outreach venues.


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