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If you are getting married (or having an event) in the NYC metro area,  save yourself a lot of hassle, running around, and money and just go straight to Washington’s Best.  You will not be disappointed.  
We hired them for our wedding reception – photographer, and jazz guitar – and it was so easy, and they were so wonderful.  Washington’s Best was recommended to me by a friend, and I am delighted that we took her advice.  Photographers alone can set you back a huge chuck of change around here.  We got 3 hours, plus 100 prints and ALL the photos on disk for $750.  Yelpers, you can’t beat that with a stick.  Making the arrangements was super easy.  After emailing David Fletcher, the director of New York’s Best, he mailed out the contracts with preaddressed and stamped return envelopes. All I had to do was sing and send it back in. Too easy.   A couple of weeks before the big day, the musician and the photographer called to check in with me. No problem there. 
Don’t let the price fool you, our photographer was just fabulous!!! Nenad Mladenovic  (http://nenadphotograph…) came to take the pictures.  He showed up before schedule and took pictures of the preparation stage.  He was fun and professional, and made sure in checking with us that he was taking pictures of the people and moments that we wanted captured. [And, he’s a cutie.  My mother and mother-in-law both have a crush on him!] From time to time he would show us the shots he was getting on the display on his camera.  They were spectacular. 
Dave Mosick  was our guitarist, providing nice relaxed jazz for our post wedding soiree.  While I did not have the personal interaction with Dave like I did with Nenad, his contribution was superlative as well.  The music was just right, and set the perfect tone for the party.  It was $300 for Dave to play two hours.  
New York’s Best is a professional organization of musicians and photographers.  I would use them again in a heartbeat.  If you have a wedding coming up, skip all the expense and annoyance of shopping around with other photographers and musicians – use Washington’s Best.  You’ll save time and money, and get the professional results that you want. Use that extra $2500 you would have spent with some other photographer, and go on a great honeymoon!