Curbside Manner

Curbside Manner is a young 5-piece band that entertains with original modern pop, with roots in the classic blues-rock of the 70's combined with modern pop sounds that will remind audiences of Vampire Weekend and The Strokes. Professional players with years of experience, CSM's combination of classical and jazz training with youthful rock ambition results in a unique, energetic sound.


Christian Miles, vocals, keys, guitar has been playing music since he was but a small child. He started on violin and played for 10 years until the ripe age of 15 when he thought that in order to impress the girls he would have to learn another instrument other than just violin. It was about this time that he learned both piano and guitar which led to him becoming an avid song-writer. He has found his creativity can not be confined to a classroom, or to simple genre classification, and requires hybrid characterizations such as “opera” plus “pop”.


Paul Haney, guitar, sax, flute as the elder statesman of Curbside Manner, Paul brings 20+ years of playing music to the table. Initially trained on saxophone, Paul spent several years playing music professionally after college. During that time he wrote and recorded 3 albums of original music. His musical career was briefly sidetracked as he worked for a physics doctorate. But he has reverted back to his rocking ways with Curbside Manner.




Shaun Dubick, drums.  Shaun's interest in music began in middle school, when he and a few friends took popular rock songs and changed the words for a science presentation. He soon began guitar lessons, and has been playing music ever since. Shaun graduated from UMD College Park in the Spring of 2009, and now works for the Center of Population Economics in Vienna, VA. Shaun also plays bass for The North Country. Some of his influences include Green Day, Queen, The Police, Muse, Les Claypool, Streetlight Manifesto, and The Beatles Manner.


Brad Dauer, violin, Brad started playing violin at a very early age, and grew up as friends with fellow CSM members Jimmy and Shaun. Brad’s playing has always been effortless, and he was consistently at the head of his class musically, and played in many all-regional orchestras throughout his high school years. Today Brad brings his burning violin chops to a variety of projects, including the Bush Corner Band, The Rising Suns, and The North Country. When he tears it up for CSM, one is left to wonder: did the Devil go down to Georgia, or was it Brad?


Jimmy Mumper, bass, Jimmy represented the final piece of the puzzle in Curbside Manner’s formation. He is the recipient of extensive classical training on piano and bass. As he matriculated through his formative and college years, he used his natural technical abilities to develop DJ, electronica, and mixing skills to express his burgeoning creativity. These efforts have reached culmination in the rap group “Touching Women”. He brings his musical skill set to bear on laying down the low end for Curbside Manner, with no regard for collateral damage.